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This is a rare two-handed form from the Emei Taoist Sect that was known only to a minutely small number of masters. It was believed that the master of each generation would transmit it to only 2 disciples of his inner circle in his lifetime.

In the past, Emei Spearmanship had been noted during the early Qing Dynasty for its combat effectiveness as to be mentioned in a Qing martial arts manual; though the present book doesn't state, I estimate this 2-handed jian form to be at least 150 years old or perhaps tracing its origins even much earlier. Prior to this book, it has never been openly published before.

Founder: Unknown but of Taoist Emei sect origins
Name of style: Emei Phoenix Tail 13 (stances) Jian
Manual: "Emei Jianshu", published by Jindun Publishing House 2002, Beijing
Author: Li Shixin (see pic above of author posing with his weapon)
Followers: Present day Chinese

Its lineage is: Emei Taoist priest Li Huixin > Qing Imperial Court Official Li You > He Zhenfang > Gai Dianxun > Li Shixin (author of the above book)